Terms and conditions of funding

Ensuring our funds maximise their potential impact on health and healthcare.

Maximising the potential for transforming healthcare delivery

Thanks to our substantial endowment and generous donations, we are able to support projects and ideas that improve the health and healthcare of our local population, and those who are treated in our healthcare facilities.

It is imperative that these funds are used wisely, and that they are managed in a way that maximises their potential for transforming healthcare delivery and improving health and wellbeing.

Each of our grants is carefully managed by healthcare staff, clinicians and local charities, who must follow the general terms and conditions laid out for each fund. Additional specific conditions may be made on a case-by-case basis.


Evaluation reports 

We want to know how the projects we support develop, what successes they achieve and what challenges they find along the way. This is to understand better the difference that our funding makes, to be able to support our grant holders and to learn about what works to improve health and care in our communities. If you have been awarded a grant as part of the Health Innovation Fund, you must complete and submit the following reports at the appropriate times: