Special Purpose Funds

Donations designated for the benefit of specific areas and departments within Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Managing donations that have a specific purpose

Special Purpose Funds are created when funds are donated to us for a specific purpose. These could be funds donated to honour the care of a loved one on a ward, or to support a particular type of research. They are administered through:

Funds focusing on specific areas of care

Special Purpose Funds are donations with a specific purpose, and therefore have a more restricted application than our other funding schemes. We ensure that these generously donated funds are managed carefully and provide the maximum benefit for patients and staff.

The funds rely solely on the generous donations of patients, staff and members of the public.
Currently, we hold over 200 different funds of various sizes and restrictions. 

Special Purpose Funds are used to directly benefit both patient experience and staff welfare by supporting a wide range of activities which are over and above what is normally available on NHS budgets.

This could include investment into education, research, equipment and patient care across many different wards, departments and clinics within Guy’s Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital and the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Read FAQs about Special Purpose Funds.

Download the list of Special Purpose Funds.

Apply for funds

Staff across Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust can apply for support from Special Purpose Funds to drive improvements in their area of the hospital.

If you work at the Trust, download the list of Special Purpose Funds to find out if there is a fund in your area. The funds are managed by fundholders, who will know the balance of funds, what the money can be used for, and how you can access support from the fund. Contact us at specialfunds@gsttcharity.org.uk if you are unsure whether there is a fund in your area. 


Management of Special Purpose Funds

Day-to-day management of the Special Purpose Funds is overseen by fundholders, who are senior members of staff within the relevant department. 

By utilising the fundholders’ expertise and knowledge, we can ensure that the funds provide the best outcome and maximum benefit for both patients and staff.

Fundholders are required to report to us on the expenditure of their fund, with larger funds required to plan their expenditure in advance, to ensure that the funds are actively spent as per the donors’ wishes.


The Special Purpose Funds regulations, which set the framework in which the funds operate, were updated in December 2013.

Download the current regulations.


Reporting back on fund expenditure

Fundholders will be notified when a report is due for their fund. The current reporting structure is as shown. 

Forms for fundholders

Expenditure plans are required annually from Tier 2 (above £80k) funds only. Where a fund receives a donation of £20,000 or more within the financial year, a revised or supplementary expenditure plan will be required, regardless of the fund’s tier.

Report forms

Fundholders will be notified when an expenditure report is required for their fund.

Spending plan (you can find a sample plan here)
Expenditure report

Tier 1 Funds

These are priority funds, which are managed by a grant giving committee. Currently, only the Evelina Children’s Funds Committee and the Cancer Funds Committee are in this category. These funds are required to produce an annual report.

Find out more

If you want to make a donation or raise funds for a specific fund or area of interest with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, please contact our fundraising partner, Support GSTT on 020 7848 4701 or by email.

For any more information regarding Special Purpose Funds, please contact the Charity's Special Funds team on 020 7089 4559 or by email

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