Understanding our impact

We are measuring and learning about the difference we are making.

How do we know we are making a difference?

We award hundreds of grants and invest in many new ideas in health every year. We also use our properties, and our arts and heritage collection to benefit health and wellbeing. Measuring the impact of all we do is complex, but we have embraced the challenge.

In 2014 we started taking steps to understand the difference we are making today and want to make in the future.

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Our theory of change

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What we've learned so far

Defining the change we want to see

We use our assets, resources and skills to support innovation in health and care within a complex and evolving local system.

We believe the work we do with our partners makes an important difference, but in 2014 we set out to measure our contribution to positive change.

We started by creating a ‘roadmap’, a way of articulating the changes we want to see in the short, medium and long term.

We called this theory of change 'Achieving our impact' and it is helping us to measure progress towards our ultimate goal: contributing to improved health and care for people who live, work and are treated in Lambeth and Southwark.

Our starting position

To understand where we were in our journey of change, we began by reviewing our largest portfolio of grants, our Health Innovation Fund.

We worked with independent experts to look at the largest projects we have funded in recent years. We wanted to know how these are contributing to the changes we want to see.

This work is helping us to establish a baseline, an understanding of the difference we make today, and our committees and board of Trustees are using this analysis to make more informed decisions. It is also helping us to set meaningful and measurable goals for change in the coming years.

The efforts to measure the impact of our work are ongoing. We are already looking beyond our Health Innovation Fund and have started to explore impact of areas including some of our Special Purpose Funds and our funding for research.

Learning about our supported projects

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