Our finances

Funding innovation in healthcare through our endowment, donations and legacies.

Funding innovation in healthcare

Our endowment, donations and other assets allow us to invest around £20 million in local health every year. We are able to make a real difference to healthcare in Lambeth and Southwark by supporting initiatives that are over and above what should be covered by NHS funds.

Where our funding goes

Since establishing our strategic priorities in 2012 until 2015 we have provided almost £102 million in grants and other funding.

We have supported hundreds of new ideas and health improvements in our area and partnered with clinicians from our local hospitals and community health services, academics, social entrepreneurs and voluntary organisations.


Using our funds to make a difference

With a substantial endowment, and donations and legacies, we work to ensure we invest our funds skillfully.

All our spending decisions are based on whether they will help to improve health and healthcare for our population and patients treated in the world-renowned healthcare facilities in our local area.

Funding history

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals were both founded as charitable institutions. Before the NHS was born they were funded by a mixture of charitable donations and income from longer-term endowments.  

In 1948, when the NHS was formed, the endowments were no longer needed to provide the day-to-day running costs of the hospitals. Since then, the endowments and donations have provided support to the hospitals and the wider NHS for projects and initiatives that are over and above what the NHS should itself provide.

Value of our endowment

In 1948 the endowments of the two hospitals amounted to around £7 million, or £230 million in today’s money.

In March 2015, the value of the endowment amounted to £593 million.

Our assets

Our endowment is invested in a diverse mix of assets, including property, listed equities, private equity funds, hedge funds and credit funds.

We also hold a number of properties that have a charitable use or a charitable element to the rental arrangements, to help create better healthcare facilities.

In addition, we hold and manage the large art and heritage collection of Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

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